World Healing Society Foundation has overs the years started with a few projects. These projects are to make a sustainable development and welfare of the society at large. These projects are run by the selfless motivation of our healers who take time out from their personal and work space to serve and it also depends on the generosity of some of our philanthropist healers who sponsor, support and motivate such work.

In future we aim for doing more and reaching to far of people who need our help so that this whole world is healed and nurtured into a better society to live in.

Free Medical , dental and Physiotherapy camp

In the year 2013 World Healing Society Foundation started with free medical, dental and Physiotherapy camp. In these camps we dispense free medicines, do dental check up, give dietary advices, give physiotheraphy massage and provide exercise regime to patients. It is done every year, Apart from this every on and off preventive homoeopathic camps are done for malaria, dengue , corona and other such epidemic breakouts of the seasons. Everything is done free of costs for the patients.


World Healing Society Foundation, a Vadodara based NGO registered under Trust Act of India appeals to the nations around the Globe for Movement for An Inclusive Society. We have come a long way in terms of infrastructure, economy, technology and in other aspect, what we now need is to look forward for a Humane and Just society. Now with Globalization and Digital advancement the boundaries are getting blurred in literal terms but unfortunately, we haven’t been able to still have a society of equality for ALL the human beings on Earth
This movement is a reminder to the nations of the world of The World Summit for Social Development, held in March 1995, established the concept of social integration to create an inclusive society, in which UN states the following, “a society for all”, as one of the key goals of social development. Member states made a commitment to promote social integration through fostering inclusive societies that are stable, safe, just and tolerant and respect diversity, equality of opportunity and participation of all people, including disadvantaged and vulnerable groups and persons.
Resources to participate in society. Those who do not have access to rights are not able to participate fully in society. However, even if people have rights to access, they cannot participate fully without adequate resources.
Therefore, resources to fully participate in all aspects of societal activities are the ultimate step for successful social inclusion. It is not only because of lack of financial resources that people are unable to participate, or stop participating, but also because of conditions, such as insufficient time or energy, spatial distance, lack of recognition, lack of respect, physical conditions or constraints. These elements all need to be taken into consideration." Source (UN Inclusive society)
One step at a time and we start with including Sign Language as a curriculum in school and colleges. Educating the public at large. Health care providers need to be trained and in industries make it a compulsion to learn Sign Language. The advantage of it includes:

1) Communicating without the barrier of languages.

2) Eradicating the exclusion of person with disability from the community

3) With special emphasis on learning experience, provides broader perspective for students.

4) Education, Employment and full use of the potentials of people who have hearing and speech impairment and other related disabilities.

5) Full participation of each and every person of the society for its development & growth.

6) Creates new professional opportunities for teachers and students aspiring to teach.

7) Brings awareness to the CODA [Child of Deaf Adult] community.

8) Uproots communication barriers.

As a Global conscientious human being we urge you to support our mission and help us in bringing to life our dream of an Inclusive Society.


Legendary Minds mainly addresses to the age group between 07-21 yrs. These are the formative years for an individual; it is the time when a child is growing into an adult. It’s the most crucial time for the overall mental, physical, social and spiritual growth.
Every child has the potential to understand, think and act as a legend. A legend lies dormant in every individual willing to unleash itself to the world. Only a push is required to trigger that button of self-expression to its fullest. That “BUTTON” is in the mind. Only that mind needs to be galvanized in the right way. This is exactly what Legendary Mind Initiative focuses on. It basically deals with 4 aspects: - Mental, Physical, Social and Spiritual. All these aspects will require in depth comprehension, hence the session are divided in the following way. The mental aspect has 6 point under it.
1. Communication, 2. Relationship with others, 3. Goals, 4. Decision making, 5. Ability to face the world 6. Moral and Ethical Values.

The Physical Aspect will include foremost 2 things:-

1. Health 2. Sexuality

Social Aspect will include 4 points mainly:-

1. Stereotypes 2. Gender Roles 3. Individual Rights 4. Legal and Social Responsibilities
Lastly Spiritual Aspect will include an integration of all these that shall create an identity with self-awareness


World Healing Society Foundation have started with distribution and strapping the stray dogs with reflective belts from 2019 on Christmas eve. The theme behind this is Christmas is about gifting and celebrating life. In this project our healers become the Santa clause to save the lives of stray dogs and also of the human from road accidents. These reflective belts protect the dogs from road accidents as they reflect light in the dark when the light of the vehicles falls on the belts.. This makes them visible in the dark to the drivers thus saving lives. We are thankful to all our donors who have helped us do this for our stray dogs in Vadodara. Thank you to the healers and feeders who continue to support our mission to save voiceless innocent lives.

Dignified Enigma*

A project started by *World Healing Society Foundation* on 26th Jan 2021 wherein we give *burial shrouds to the Police personnels* so that they can utilized these for *covering the bodies of many such unidentified people* who *die due to accidents at railway tracks, roads etc, commit suicide* without anyone claiming there bodies. They too need a *decent, dignified last rituals* in which our healers had helped us. This is do twice a year on 15th August and 26th January.


In the year 2021 World Healing Society foundation had adopted the tribal villages of Chota Udepur and working with the district govt officers and staff for the upliftment of these tribal villagers. Our healers conduct yearly camp in the villages dispensing free medicines, health check up, awareness workshop regarding hygiene, nutrition, de-addiction, child marriage , school drop outs ,menstrual and women hygiene.

Girls and Glory

World Healing Society Foundation this year from Sept 2022 started with this new project where in our healers educate the mass regarding menstrual hygiene, nutritional requirement of menstruating women, taboos related to menstruation and also distribute sanitary pads to girls. Every month they give sanitary pads to the mentally challenged women of the Govt run hospice for such women at Bodeli. We provide 200 pads every month to them


“You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.”― Brigham Young
Empowering women, the world would definitely witness gender equality and help women from every stratum of society stand on their own and steer their lives as per their own wishes.
Women empowerment is the process of giving women the ability to live a happy and respected life in society. Women are empowered when they have unrestricted access to chances in a range of domains, such as education, profession, and lifestyle, among others. It involves things like educaion awareness,literacy and training to help them improve their position. It also involves decision-making authority. A woman feels powerful when she takes a significant decision. Empowering women is the most important factor in a country’s overall growth. If a household has just one earning member, while another family has both men and women earning, who will have a better standard of living? The solution is straightforward: a household in which both men and women work. As a result, a country where men and women work together grows more quickly.
There is a wide range of approaches and methods to empower women. Individuals and the government must work together to achieve this. This year from Dec 2022 WHSF have given employment to 5 underprivileged women in our Gruh Udayog Project.