Mother Teressa

Mother Teressa’s Healing Touch is a project in which healers from around the globe do random act of kindness for the underpeiviledged students in the month of September.

Spread Smile Campaign

SPREAD A SMILE CAMPAIGN started in 2013 under the theme of LOVE THE SKIN YOU ARE IN. The campaign is about creating awareness about depression and body image issue through

Tree Plantation

Suman – The essence of nature is our project for having a greener planet.
Every year throughout the world our volunteers during the monsoon season do tree plantation.

Yoga Celebration

Yoga is an ancient wisdom of living life in harmony through the connection of body, mind and soul. True growth and evolution can be seen in a society only when each individual in

Health Awareness

Health is Wealth goes the old saying. We at World Healing Society Foundation believe in it firmly. Only a nation that is healthy physically and mentally can work better and think good.

Awareness Rally

Rally are basically a way to generate curiosity, awareness and support for issues that plug our society. Since olden days our history textbooks have documented how such rallies

Letter Of Appreciation