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World healing society foundation doesn’t believe in dividing the world as men biased or women biased. One human needs to respect another human being’s views, sentiments and values without imposing their own beliefs or ideas. So in order to have a world free from prejudices based on one’s colour gender or form, there needs to be a revolution starting from within, then from one’s home, then in one’s society, country and finally the world will have a paradigm shift towards mutually constructive nations.

The cause is addressed by us in following ways

  • Awareness Rally: – We organize rallies with such social messages. Peace candle march are held to bring some issue into public domain. This is a healthy way of spreading the message to the masses
  • Street Plays: – Healers do street plays at various places. This is a fun way of making people think over issues and beliefs that needs serious reconsideration in our society.
  • Rights for all genders: – Here the focus is on those section of the society who have been mistreated for centuries on the name of culture religion or societal norms. We support such groups and help them in funding by collecting donation for such people of the society.
  • Programs in School and colleges in the form of skits, songs dances etc to make our future generation.