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In this consciousness some could be refined some no to that extend but still if something is done it affects the other that’s the law of the nature. If we destroy the nature we are actually creating our own death bed. Its high time we understand the connection and not only make the necessary improvements in our strategies for environmental protection but implement them too.

World Healing Society Foundation is working towards creating a world which is responsible, caring and sensible. For a society to grow and make advances we need to work as a single unit. No one and nothing should be left out in our quest for luxuries amenities and facilities. Unfortunately in our advances somewhere the environment and the biodiversity have been very badly affected. It’s a chain reaction in our world everything is connected so if one is hampered the repercussion will be felt by all. Hence as healers we are here to heal ourselves and our Beloved Mother Earth.

We are the first in the field to generate love for our environment. These are the things we have initiated.

  • For The Love Of Mother Earth (Global Campaign Against Depression)- A campaign started to reunite to our roots. To connect and align ourselves with Mother Nature. The major pandemic of depression is because we have forgotten the facts that we are the part of this cosmic dust. There is no big issues or big problems or no major setbacks that can’t be solved. But this crops up as weeds in our minds as soon as we loss connection with the nature and we start to pity ourselves thinking we are alone and unworthy of love. Through this campaign we are trying to rekindle the lost love for our beloved Mother Earth. With love comes happiness care and sense of belongingness. This is one way of caring and nurturing love for our environment by celebrating being alive.
  • Spread awareness regarding deforestation, global warming, environmental pollution, soil erosion etc. this is done with help of students and general public.