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This dream of a peaceful world can only be achieved if every mind is channelized for using it to the utmost potential. Education is a powerful tool no child should be deprived of this tool.

World Healing Society Foundation aims at creating a world that aims in making every child get the opportunity to study, develop and grow into individuals who can harness the power of minds for goodness. It can be done only if we as a collective society make sure that the deprived section of our society get their right for education.

We are striving towards that goal for ensuring every child gets the best of knowledge by our various projects.

  • Value educating- Healers in co-operation with Patriotic Club of India runs value education camp every week. Kids are taught by our members to evaluate the world with their own minds. It is done by empowering them with moral values through stories and activities. Team spirit is inculcated in them by making them do group activities. Individual talents are encouraged by organizing competitions. Through these activities, games, competitions and training sessions we are helping building a better individuals and hence, a better future.
  • Volunteer Services:- Our healers voluntarily give services at different orphanages and NGO’s as tutors, guides and trainers. Imparting them knowledge by making time for these kids from their schedules. It one of the best services to human kind.
  • Legendary Minds:- It’s a project aimed at youngsters especially the age group from 13 to 21yrs . It about developing a healthy self-image, self-love and empowering the believe in self. A confident and rational man make conscientious decisions in life. The entire workshops, seminars and session are based on liberating the minds.
  • We every year sponsor orphans kids school fees and school uniforms at Registered Orphanages. The fund comes from our healers who generously donate us.