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World healing society foundation understands the seriousness of the issue. Mostly children are the ones who can be influenced easily. Now this works both ways. The focus of our work is mainly to embed in these kids a sense of judging for themselves good and bad. This understanding is sufficient to cut the roots of the problem of addiction in future generation. For the ones suffering from the problems proper counselling sessions, training and self-reliance is a must to gain proper momentum in rehabilitation projects.

The campaign against addiction is dealt in these ways

  • Counselling sessions:- Sessions are held with people who are addicted and also with their families. This helps to understand the depth of the problem and to tackle accordingly.
  • Rehabilitation: – At our various healing centers our volunteers’ paramedics and doctors do all necessary things to help people and family afflicted with the problem on regular weekly basis. This way the adopted villages are provided with all round services.
  • Awareness Campaigns:- At educational institutes, slums , cities and via social media is done to generate mass awareness against the bad effects of smoking , drinking and drug abuse.