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World Healing Society Foundation believes in unity in diversity and further that these diversities bring beautiful colours to our lives. Upliftment of cultural ethical practices. Language protection, history preservation and promotion of arts.

The ways in which of our foundation works in this regard

  • Reusable Art Workshop:- promotion of works who use reusable things and make beautiful work of art such workshops are conducted to sell the products and also to teach others the art.
  • Women craft:- Promoting and giving flat form to women who do small scale work of making things at home and selling them to make money. It empowers the women by making them financially independent.
  • Healing Hangers:- Fashion designers are promoted to do charity fashion clothing lines. This helps to give wings to creative minds. Fashion is for everyone. Love the Skin You Are in theme is being used during the Fashion shows.
  • Cultural events:- Cultural events are done to maintain and celebrate cultural intigrety and beauty.