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We do cruelty against them to show our supremacy which is in fact a retrogressive behavior showing our smallness.

World Healing Society Foundation is making all efforts to stop cruelty against animals and to safe guard the ones who cant speak for themselves and are helpless. We have a section in our NGO named as HEALING ANGELS, these volunteers are completely dedicated in rescue, rehabilitation and protection of animals.

Following are our Pipeline projects

  • Summer Thirst: – It’s a project that is done every summer. Healers over the globe during summers place earthen pots or tubs near their houses , offices, factories, societies, schools, parks, roads etc which are filled with water every day for the thirsty animals and birds.
  • Rescue Homes:- Rescued animals and birds are kept at our rescue home. They are fed, treated and nurtured until they can take care of themselves and then set free.
  • Abandoned Shelter Home:- Dogs, cats , horses etc which have been abandoned by their owners due to old age or due to immigration and other reasons are accepted at our place.
  • Animal canal:- temporary residential arrangements are provided to pet animals at a reasonable rates with proper care and management when the owners are out of town.